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Advantages and performance of bridge type water filter pipe

Bridge water filter pipe is a kind of bridge shaped hole water filtration equipment. It has been widely used in developed countries. In 80s, the Ministry of Geology and mineral resources began to introduce and popularize, and achieved satisfactory results". Mainly engaged in hydro geological exploration, drilling, drilling, reservoir construction precipitation, precipitation, deep foundation for development and utilization of geothermal, mineral water development and utilization of geothermal air-conditioning, bad wells repair, underground water sources of water.


Compared with other types of filter pipe, the bridge water filter pipe has the following advantages:

1. The special structure of bridge shaped orifice makes the gravel is not easy to plug the hole.

2. The special pore structure of the filter pipe can enhance the mechanical strength of the filter.

3. The special structure of the bridge type water filter pipe enhances the strength of the pipe body and has high mechanical strength

4. Bridge type water filter pipe. Can be plated (coated) with different anti-corrosion layer, improve life.

Product performance

1. The bridge type water filter pipe has higher water capacity, and can obtain more efficient water source.

2. The bridge type water filter pipe system is made of steel plate punching, winding, light weight and low price.


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