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Forming method of special shaped steel tube

Shaped steel tube bending forming. Is what we commonly known as the bending. Shaped steel tube bending is divided into two kinds, one kind of true bending, another empty bending.

Square bend compaction true, then bending, supporting roller compaction inside and outside wall tube shaped steel tube inside and outside is a two-way process. The real bending rectangular tube has the advantages of solid bending will be relatively small, and the formation of a more accurate, and in the production time, as long as the use of roller is accurate, and the angle shaped steel tube forming steel pipe internal rebound after the more accurate, we can ensure accurate.

Immediately bent some disadvantages, the main stretching time will lead to pipe thinning, real bending the rectangular tube bending, bending tensile bending curve in agricultural products, resulting in the length direction of the special-shaped steel tube length becomes shorter, and metal content because of tensile thinning.

Production of air bending of rectangular tube, the outer wall of the tube outside and square shaped steel tube and roller, and metal bending, bending of the empty time, pipe bending curve will produce a certain compression, so the compression effect, zigzag line longitudinal variable length, rectangular tube bending metal will become thick air compression bending. Or thickening effect.

These two kinds of production methods, two basic ways of rectangular pipe production of square and special-shaped steel tube, according to different product requirements, select the appropriate process configuration. It should be noted that when stretching and compression, the impression of the product quality, or lead to square tube deformation.


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