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Hot-dip galvanized square tube through the paint for anti-corrosion methods and steps which

Hot galvanized square tube although the performance is better, but also pay attention to corrosion can be, once the corrosion is likely to appear some of the quality of the column, all the performance will be lost, and many times in the environment Under the quality of the surface will appear a layer of skin off, and then is rusty, and then there is a direct problem. So that the anti-corrosion treatment is the best policy. One of the most simple is the way through the brush paint anti-corrosion, but the requirements for the paint is relatively high, not what can be said. Today we give you talk about how hot galvanized pipe can be painted to protect it?
Hot galvanized square pipe wall thickness uniformity. Weld uniform. No splitting, trachoma, rhizome and concave phenomenon. In addition to hot galvanized square tube other side of the pipe to be pre-rust rust paint (buried in the cast-in-place concrete. Can not brush anti-corrosion paint. But should rust) galvanized pipe or brush over the anti-corrosion paint hot galvanized square tube Surface complete. No peeling phenomenon. Should have a product material and a certificate, specifically divided into the following:
1, hot galvanized square pipe hoop through the wire tube hoop. Silk and clear and stable buckle. The galvanized layer is completely free from peeling. No splitting. Smooth and burr at both ends. And a product certificate.
2, lock nut (root mother) shape intact. The thread is clear. And a product certificate.
3, hot galvanized square pipe protection for thin, thick pipe distinction. Mouth care to be completely intact. And a product certificate.
4, iron lamp box, switch box, junction box and so on. The thickness of the metal plate should be not less than 1.2mm. Hot galvanized square tube without peeling. No deformation welding. Knock down the hole completely empty. Panel mounting holes and ground welding feet complete. And a product certificate.
5, hot galvanized square tube panel, cover the specifications, high and wide, the installation hole should be used with the box. The shape is completely intact. The board color is uniform. And a product certificate.
6, round steel, flat steel, angle steel, hot galvanized square tube and other materials should be consistent with the relevant national regulatory requirements. Galvanized layer completely lossless. And a product certificate.
7, bolts, screws, expansion bolts, nuts, washers, etc. should be taken to galvanized pieces.
8, hot-dip galvanized square tube and other materials (such as lead wire, welding electrodes, anti-rust paint, cement, oil, etc.) no expired deterioration.


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