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How to save special shaped steel tube

1. For the preservation of special-shaped steel tube products of the site or warehouse. Should be selected in cleaning clean, unobstructed drainage areas, away from the harmful gas or dust factories. To remove all debris and destroy the weeds on the ground to maintain clean steel.

2. In the storeroom with acid and alkali, salt, cement etc. to the steel abrasive materials stacked in together. Different types of steel should be classified and piled up, to avoid confusion confusion, avoid contact with corrosive objects

3. Large steel pipe, rail, disgrace steel plate, large diameter steel pipe, forging, etc. can be piled up in the open air

4. Small and medium scale steel, wire rod, steel, pipe, steel wire and wire rope, the ventilation material shed satisfactory storage, remember to cover cushion

5. A small, thin steel plate, steel strip, small caliber or special-shaped steel tube, cold rolling, cold drawn steel and high price, easy corrosion metal products, can be stored in storage

6. The warehouse should be based on the geographical conditions selected, the ordinary think appropriate and use closed barns normally, namely roof walls, doors and windows tightly, with ventilated barns

7. Warehouse requirements often maintain storage for background, sunny rainy day pay attention to pay attention to ventilation, moisture off


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