Steel springboard with M18 bolt hole. For plate and plate connection, adjust the bottom width of the platform.

Between the steel and steel springboard springboard, using height of 180mm baseboard skirting board, paint black and yellow, the fixed baseboard with screws in 3 holes in their. The steel springboard and the steel springboard can be fixedly connected.

After the completion of the connection, should be strictly on the production platform for acceptance of materials, the platform is completed, the test. The installation is completed, and can be put into use only after acceptance.

Steel springboard steel springboard is a kind of construction equipment in the construction industry. General can be called scaffold, steel plank, pedal steel, galvanized steel plank, galvanized steel pedal, the majority of the shipbuilding industry, electric power, oil platform, construction industry acclaim and was used to promote.

Steel springboard has fire prevention, sand, light weight, corrosion resistance, alkali resistance and high compressive strength, porosity and surface irregularities on both sides of the font design effect than similar products especially, pitch neat shape norms, beautiful appearance, durable (normal construction can be used continuously for 6-8 years) drain sand hole technology unique bottom up to prevent the accumulation of sediment, especially suitable for coating sand workshop shipyard. The use of steel springboard, the construction of scaffolding steel pipe can be reduced, and can improve the efficiency of construction. Lower than the price of wood, after years of retirement can still be recycled 35%-40% investment advantages.